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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  August 14, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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scene, with what we know so far. david? >> nicole, ukee, i'm happy to report this 84 year old woman is doing just fine, she is behind me right now, relaxing at home with family member, but certainly, star scary situation after all this happened in the middle of the day in queen village. >> didn't seem to board the suspect. he decided to go just inside. >> two hours before this 84 year old woman appeared on our camera, she was tide up in her basement, the victim of home invasion according to police. just before 2:00 p.m., police returned to front and cat lynn streets. >> got in, he tide her up in the basement. >> she was home alone on the phone with her daughter when a man quickly covered her mouth. >> he had her tied up in the basement. she untied herself and went up and yelled fire. the woman is a genius. she is one of my best friends, i've always add mid her. >> the suspect used belts to restrain the victim before stealing undisclosed amph
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money from her purse. authorities won't say how the man got inside. the suspect is described as a thin white male, about 6 feet tall, wearing black pants deck say he ran from the scene. the victim left her house and quickly called authorities. >> anything could have happened to her. we worry about her all the time with people knocking on her door. >> i spoke to one of the lead detective on the case, he says , not only is this woman okay, but they're still looking for a suspect in this case. they believe's white male, about 6 feet tall, a thin build, wearing dark pants, they say he fled from this area, shortly after 2:00 this afternoon, if you have any information, give philadelphia police a call, you can remain anonymous. reporting live from queen village, david spunt, cbs-3, " eyewitness news." david, thank you. and philadelphia police are also tonight searching for the killer or killers of a couple. as our greg argos reports, they were found dead in their south philly apartment. >> this gruesome double murder happening around 11:45 p.m.
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last night when police say one of the victims relatives checked on the first floor resident pounds two bodies inside. >> inside this federal street apartment, gruesome discovery sunday night. >> both of the victims has bruises to their faces and both of the victims were laying in a pool of blood. >> fifty year old gonzalez, and his 23 year old girlfriends kate were found in separate rooms, now police are searching chipping for the person responsible. >> was a great person, so full of life. if he could give you his socks offer his feet, he would. >> his cousins say his own mother found the bodies, when she went to check 11:45 p.m. last nightment second tragedy for the aunt who dealt with the murder of her other son on the stoop of this very same south philly home. >> this would be the second murder, the same address, at the same address for her.
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>> she is doing as well as can be expected, but a mother just loses her son, what would you think? how would you feel? >> police say sunday night, the home here at 13th and federal ransacked. but there was no obvious sign of entry. and police have not named any suspects. all the while, neighbors on this quiet block stunned. >> breaks my heart. i can't believe he is such a good guy. >> wondering who is behind this double killing? >> hopefully just an isolated incident. i've never felt uncomfortable living here. >> all afternoon you can see family members, and friends, of the victims, gathering here at this south philadelphia row home, trying to really cope with this tragedy, once again, police not yet naming any suspects. reporting near south philadelphia, i'm greg argos, cbs-3 "eyewitness news." >> and police have charged terrell wright following the shooting of a northeast philadelphia target store. investigators say wright turned himself in just hours after the incident on friday. the target 7400 block of bustleton avenue placed on
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lockdown after wright shot and injured one man, terrified customers after hearing gunfire, the victim we're told is in stable condition. wright faces several charges including attempted murder. >> the search is on tonight foreman caught on surveillance video disgrace ago synogogue. take a look at this video from congregation bet solomon, on tomlinson road on the northeast, early sunday morning the man approached the synogogue doors, made on scene hand gesture, then urinated on the synogogue. >> his intention was to go, there co-have gone anywhere else, down the street, or another desolate area, but obviously chose the synogogue. >> the man fled the scene in a white four door sedan. if you have information, contact police. president trump has clarified his response to the violent weekend protest in charlottesville, virginia. as the justice department launches its own investigation "eyewitness news" reporter alicia joins us now in our satellite center with more on why the president updated remarks are still drawing criticism.
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alicia? >> reporter: ukee, president dawn has dealt with pressure for two days to take a tougher tone against the white nationalist groups that were in charlottesville on saturday today he stepped up. did he that. but it may not have been timely enough for some. >> president donald trump taking heat after his reaction to the violence in charlottesville, virginia, on saturday, he said? >> we condemn in the strongest possible terms this aggregious display of hatred, bigotry, and violence, on many sides. on many sides. >> but people throughout the country ... and even the governor of virginia, were calling for a stronger stance against a group responsible for the bloody rally that ended deadly. >> now white supremicist, tell the neo-nazis, tell the kkk, tell them all, we've had enough of it. >> after two days of pressure the president held a news conference monday and did take a tougher tone.
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>> racism is evil. and those who caused violence in it name are criminals and thugs, including the kkk. neo-nazis, white supremists, and other hate groups that are repugnant to everything. we hold here as americans. >> the president remarks today though were still criticized, some upset it took two days for him to steak a strong stands against white supremacy groups against violence, only an hour to tweet. >> this he called off an african-american ceo from resigning from the american manufacturing council today. merck, ceo seen here earlier in the year with the president resigned because the president 's initial reaction to the charlottesville rallies saying, in a statement, quote, america's leaders must honor our funds mental values by clearly rejecting expressions every hatred. >> and despite the president calling racism evil and condemning the white nationalist groups that were in charlottesville, those calling saturday deadly rallies a victory and success
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saying there are more of those events to come. reporting live in the sat center, alicia, cbs-3, eyewitness news. >> thank you, philadelphia eagles defensive ends chris long is a charlottesville native. today he weighed in on the tragedy in his hometown. >> i can't possibly understanded what it is like to be a minority and walk by a confederate monument in a public place. so i'm not the victim here. you know, the victims are people that, you know, had suffered from the consequences of white supremacy, in our country, people that actually watch that on tv, are minorities, might not feel like they can be safe with stuff like that going on state stay tuned for much more coverage on the charlottesville violence, anthony mason will have the very latest on are the. about bs evening "newstonight" at 6:30 right after " eyewitness news." >> well, you see them all around, from urban areas, to rural areas. utility polls are hard to miss but, some gloucester county resident face huge new polls popping up in their community, ramming their style. >> "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan has the story now
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from east greenwich township. >> i have the gigantic. >> i when she heard she was getting new utility pole in her front yards, she never expected this. >> i didn't realize it was going to be this big, they just dropped a little card off and said we would be putting polls n i come home from work, i work two jobs, and this is what i come home to. and i'm like okay. >> why does an elevator shaft and two to three times the height of most utility polls, this is part of mine mile infrastructure project by ac electric to fortify the grid between paulsboro and woodstown, several holmes in east greenwich township have these massive metal structures in their yards, others have over size wooden polls. >> the neighbors are like why did you let them? i said well it is the right of way must much of this region lost power for much after week because of severe thunderstorms, atlantic city electric says these new polls which can with stand 120-mile per hour winds should minimize outages. in a statement they said during the past five years, we've spent more than three
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quarters after billion dollars to modernize our electric system, and the high street substation project is a perfect example of the work we do to meet the needs of our customers. >> first thing you me? this nice rural area, these giant polls. >> richard, former civil engineer, got a lawyer to request moving four polls on his property. >> i said, listen, i used to design, design is never done until the finished product is accepted. >> he and murphy are each seeking several thousand dollars for legal fees and damages. >> no one is happen which these polls. >> it is an eyesore. >> atlantic city electric says they're too long do some improvement, like put shrubs thunders big pole on kings highway. they say the individual property own kearse still call them and work on the possibility of some concessions. east greenwich township, cleve bryan, "eyewitness news." >> still to come on " eyewitness news," south jersey man allegedly sneaking photos of unsuspecting women. where police say he was doing it, and how officers say they found out about it. >> plus, the before you set our eyes to the sky, be aware
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of the potential dangers. stephanie stahl shares one man's story of the serious risks that comes with staring at the eclipse. without protection. lauren? >> temperatures are running cooler than average today. but one day this week we will feature 09 degrees heat. i'll have the scoop in your eyewitness forecast coming up. >> plus: progress for al sean , the eagles top wide out takes a step forward. >> well, does it mean he'll play thursday night? against buffalo? that's later in sports.
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>> investigators say 36 year old francis vale used his cell phone to photograph victim while she changed at the target store on route 73 in evesham township. it happened last wednesday. when officer served his
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william townhome, they found more footage of women appearing tore change willing, he has been charged with invasion of privacy. and, take a look at this surveillance video, bensalem police say man wearing a fedor a sold two drills from the home depo on bristol pike last week. he had a hard time getting the drills that he tied to a rope over a fence in the garden center. the suspect re-entered the store, then tossed the drips over 40-foot tall fence, while getting away, if you recognize the man, please call 911. >> countdown is on. we're just one week away from the first eclipse in decades, we have you covered. our eclipse fest coverage kicks off as we countdown the big day. >> the only way to safely see the eclipse will be to use some special solar glasses. reporter stephanie stahl with here on what would happen if you don't have protection. >> this is really serious, you guys, in the philadelphia area
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, 80% of the sun will be covered by the moon. but it will still be daylight. and looking at the eclipse without these glasses, can cause permanent damage to your eyes. >> leonard base was nine years old when he saw his first eclipse, the 80 year old made his own viewer instead of using solar glasses. >> i didn't think it was necessary to buy small glass. so i smoke some glass myself. >> that decision cost him, leonard permanently lost some vision in his right eye. >> there was a spot right in the center of my right eye, my focus, it was just a blur. >> doctors are wore thread will be more cases like leonard's with the upcoming eclipse, either people using the wrong kind of eye protection, or because the sun 's brightness will be diminished, will be able to stare at sun, which normally you can't do. >> so dangerous for people to look at the sun, even for brief periods of time. because you can cause permanent damage to the retina , we call it solar retinopathy, really very close to burning a hole in the retina. >> this study documents other
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cases of accute eclipse retinopathy, that happened in january of 2011 where there was total eclipse over much of europe. four people who looked directly at the sun during the eclipse was out eye protection , all had damaged retinas. >> you can see the actual swelling of the retina, it occurs the damage, fortunately , you know, a lot of times it is reversible, but unfortunately, a lot of times it is not, it is not reversible. and people can, you know, have a permanent loss of vision. >> the only way to safely view a partial or total eclipse is with certified solar glasses. simple sunglasses are not enough. >> very, very careful. i mean, the warnings that you hear are right. >> leonard says he feels lucky to still have vision in his left eye. this time around he'll watch the eclipse on tv. >> now, some bogus solar glasses are also circulating. they don't have the certified uv filters doctors say they're dangerous, people using them will not get the kind of
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protection that they need. go to help sort all of this out we have list of certified glasses for you we'll have all of this covered for you throughout the week. >> good to know. all right, stephanie, thank you. >> stay with cbs-3 for all of you're clips coverage every day and every newscast, we will have you covered with all of the eclipse information that you need. keep it tuned to cbs-3 and it is eclipsefest, only here on cbs-3. >> and lauren casey joins us now, and lauren you're saying maybe mother nature has a case of the mondays? >> looking little gloomy today but speaking of eclipsefest, next monday is in the seven day forecast. >> seven days away. >> yes. >> but at this point looks like we'll have high pressure, and maybe clear skies. >> when high pressure is in control, that's a good sign. thank you very much. >> yes. >> thank you. >> but, yes, today, mother nature does have a case of the mondays, we have gloomy skies, across the area, some light shower activity, moving across the area, as well. getting a live look at center
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city philadelphia, the clouds in place, and that cloud deck in place throughout the day has held temperatures back we're at 79 degrees right now, average high temperature tours would have us middle 80s, winds calm. and the humidity is definitely up there. feels like 81 degrees when you factor in the sticky factor, getting liver live look at the neighborhood network with in kutztown, cloudy at any conditions, temperatures middle 70s, berks county reading at 74 degrees, allentown, 76 degrees, have some 60s on the board right now, it is august, in the poconos. 79 degrees a bit warm nerve millville, at 70 degrees in atlantic city, dew points are elevated, dew point talk about that sticky factor, how comfortable or un comfortable it feels when you step outside , and when they're in the mid upper 60s, comfortable , of, that will be the trend through the overnight period, through the day tomorrow. overnight tonight, not great sleeping weather. cloudy conditions, period of light rain, low temperature only falling back to 07 degrees, then for our tuesday, have the umbrella on stand by, humid conditions, high temperature at 84, with
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some scattered rain, and embedded thunderstorms. that will begin early in the day and continue through the early and mid afternoon hours, as opposed to typical during summertime we see those things flaring up later in the day. but, conversely tomorrow, it will be earlier in the day. storm scan3 showing us patchy light rainfall, sprinkle activity working through the area. northern new castle county still seeing some light raindrops coming down in and around the wilmington area. future weather showing us we will deal with patchy light rain as we head throughout the overnight periods. could see pockets of moderate rain period specially west of i95, scattered showers, around , as we look at tomorrow morning commute. so keep that in mind. i want to leave yourself few extra minutes, and might want to pack the lunch, as well, we will be dealing with areas every rainfall and some embedded pocket of heavier rainfall, possibly some thunderstorm activity, that's around lunchtime. as we head into the afternoon hours, most of that activity concentrated across south jersey and down the shore, as we head into your evening commute, a lot of this activity starting to wind down , see few lingering showers, but otherwise
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expecting late day clearing. tropical storm gert nearing hurricane strength at this time. winds at 07 miles per hour, just 4 miles per hour shy of that category one hurricane strength, likely to strengthen to a hurricane as we head into the overnight periods, strength tone 09-mile per hour hurricane as we head into the next couple of days it, will remain well off shore. but for it is will have impact on those rip currents. so be sure to always swim in front after lifeguards. rip currents are difficult to spot. they often form on sunday i days just the last week we had four more deaths in the u.s., two in alabama, two in lake superior in minnisota so be sure to keep that in mind if you are headed down the shore the next couple of days. sunshine returns as we head into wednesday, that's our hot day at 90 degrees. lower humidity by thursday. but we're steamy, stormy, once again as we head into friday, saturday. >> thursday we have a football game thursday around these parts. >> yes. >> yes, we do. >> appreciate it. >> good news for eagles top wide out al sean jefferies,
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and stands still on the ground hear what birds offensive coordinator is saying about the team's running game. sports coming up next.
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>> game two, in the pre-season forker? >> i wonder how the players feel? >> pre-season action, right? >> been nearly two weeks, but today was the day, al sean jeffrey, he's been nursing a bad shoulder. with jordan matthews traded there is an even higher need for jefferies to produce, the free agent wide out, both kevin -- seven on seven. eagles hosting bills thursday night, pre-season game two, but will al sean make his debut?
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>> all right, we'll see, from the air attacks, to the grounds game, eagles struggled running the ball thursday night at greenbay. overall 19 carries, 47 yards. average of 2.5 yards a carry. today office offensive coordinator. philadelphia it is hard to totally evaluate until it is live all the time. you saw on the couple of live practices we've had out here, our running game looks better on days that it has been live, in training camp, just because you got to bring it back to the ground. we got some good runner. so we didn't run it very well against greenbay, but i'm very confident we will run the ball well this year. >> very confident. that's good. onto baseball, week on the west coast, phillies open three game series tonight in san diego, looking for just fourth win of the season. now, yesterday, thomas on the tenth hole at the pga championship.
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>> ya. >> 102nd before he has to mark the ball. ten seconds. >> wow. >> that's going to help him win his first career. nicely done. >> i love those. >> holdup. nicely done. beautiful. thank you. >> when we come back, legendary yankee giving back to children here in our area. >> the future hall every fame their was handing out back packs, that's next.
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more and more tax money tonds trenton, but gets less and less back thanks to steve sweeney and chris christie. here's the sweeney-christie record eight years of underfunded schools. huge tax breaks for themselves and their rich friends while we pay more. and homestead rebate funding for seniors cut in half next year. don't believe the fake news from his wealthy donors.
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steve sweeney stands with chris christie, not with south jersey. >> former major league pitcher all time saves lead is her helping kids in delaware swing for their future. >> kids and parents, filled rodney square in wilmington dollars. retired yankee marie ann owe rivera was thereto give away 1500 free back packs to local children in need. in those back packs, brand new school supplies for the young students met, not only did the legendary pitcher prepare kids for the school year, he also helped them perfect their swings. >> nicely done. >> how cool is that? >> throwing little smoke there flashback? >> nice. >> nicely done. >> all right, thanks so much for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00. "eyewitness news" returns at 10:00 on sister station, and we're back here on cbs-3 at 11:00. >> up next the cbs evening news, tonight 50 years for fleetwood mack, anthony mason
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speaks with fleetwood about the long legendary captioning sponsored by cbs >> racism is evil. >> mason: two days after charlottesville, the president calls out white supremacists. >> and those who cause violence in its name are criminals and thugs, including the kkk, neo-nazis, white supremacists, and other hate groups that are repugnant. >> mason: also tonight, the attacker is held without bond, charged with the murder of heather heyer. >> i miss her so much, but i'm going the make her death worth something. >> mason: the next casualty of the turmoil at the white house could be political guru steve steve and soon. a new study suggests moderate drinking could help you live longer. ♪ you can go your own w


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